It’s not easy to trust in the retail industry. That’s especially true when it comes to jewelry. After all, you’re putting your trust into an expert who will appraise your piece, or tell you how much their jewelry appraises for. Because you don’t share this expertise, you have to simply have faith consumer-valuethat the jeweler is worth his salt.

Unfortunately, the industry’s standard practice has been to use third-party diamond grading reports that essentially “oversell” the value of diamonds. However, the industry is making it harder for this practice to continue – for the benefit of consumers.

According to the Rappaport Diamond Report released September 2014, the organization revealed that it would no longer list European Gemological Laboratory International (EGLI)-certified diamonds in its database, in an effort to curb overgrading and offer consumers an honest evaluation.

Why consumers trust Suncoast Gems

At Suncoast Gems, we have always adhered to the highest industry standards for grading, which is the Gemological Institute of America. We guarantee that every sale and every grading report we do is accurate and reflects the integrity and character with which we do business. Our guarantee aligns with the industry standard for unmounted diamonds, which is within one grade tolerance of the standards set forth by the GIA.

Our commitment to these standards reflects our unwavering dedication to our customers and giving them the best value possible in every transaction. Call Suncoast Gems today to work with a jeweler you can trust.

Rapaport and Polygon Remove EGLI Reports From Database.