Welcome to 2012! An interesting year was 2011. We saw gold prices go from $1390 per 0z in January to $1900 in September to $1565 at the end of the year.

With the economy still dragging along the bottom but with some improvement in the housing sector, the job market and the stock market we expect gold to stabilize and as markets improve to drop in price.

We have been buying so much gold from our clients that we had expected the unused gold from our clients to really slow down. We have been very surprised to find out that the people that are not in financial difficulty had not been selling off their gold but with the prices reaching new highs the last quarter that they are finally deciding that they might as well turn the old unused items into cash while the market is so high.

We had one client last month that sold over $16,000 in scrap gold that they had laying around the house that they were not using. If you still have unused gold and platinum and silver now might be the time to get rid of it while the prices are still so high. It’s a great way to pay off those credit card bills from Christmas. If you want to see what your gold is worth, give us a call to set a time to bring it in.

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