White gold and platinum have long been the mainstay in traditional and custom jewelry. A good portion of your jewelry is probably comprised of these

precious metals. This holiday, why not ask for a special gift in yellow or rose gold? Or treat yourself to one of the trend-setting options?

Yellow GoldETALI-collection

How is yellow gold made? Designers take pure gold and mix it with alloy metals like zinc or copper. A 24 Karat yellow gold piece is 99.9 percent pure, while 22 Karat yellow gold features 91.7 percent purity. On the other hand, 14 Karat yellow gold is just over half pure, 58.3 percent.

A yellow gold ring is symbolic, and reflects that “gold metal” feeling of winning first place. It also features purity of color and these pieces offer a spectacular shine that truly looks golden. Of all of the golds on the market, yellow gold is the best hypo-allergenic from which to choose, and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to keep it looking great.

Rose Gold

Designers fashion rose gold from pure gold alloyed with copper. Depending on how much copper is present, designers can produce various shades of rose. With higher amounts of copper, the pieces take on a redder shade. A common combination of gold and copper is 75 percent gold and 25 percent copper.

Pieces with various shades of rose gold convey a romantic feeling, and they are often very affordable, since copper is a low-cost option to combine with gold. The durable material makes the pieces in which it’s designed very tough, and they hold up much better under wear and tear than white or yellow gold. Some people experience a reaction to the non-hypo-allergenic metal, however.

Suncoast gems is always ahead of the trends, and we have unique, artistic pieces as well as heavier statement pieces in yellow gold and rose gold from which to choose. We’ve anticipated this trend, and we’ve made sure our stock of yellow gold and rose gold jewelry is full of diverse, innovative pieces from which you can select a holiday gift.