Suncoast Gem Labs Presidium Gem TesterWe have recently added another tool to our Accredited Gemological Laboratory. The Presidium Gem Tester.

I think it’s probably true to say that most gemologists would consider this machine as a rather unconventional tool and the machine does have both advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage is to get another indication as to the origin of a small colored gemstone that is mounted in a ring. In larger stones it is much easier to test the material using the gem tools such as the refractometer and polariscope but the smaller stones present a different challenge.

It is true that this device will not separate natural from synthetic, but will separate gem material from glass. The machine works by thermal conduction. Different crystalline mineral gem materials conduct heat at different levels and this is the principal that the machine uses to indicate the identification of the material being tested.

This is just another tool in our tool box to better offer the best gemological laboratory services in the Tampa Bay area.