unnamed (5)Earlier this month we had another client call that had just purchased a diamond engagement ring from us. His fiancé just discovered that one of the small diamonds had fallen out of the ring.

One of the most popular styles of engagement rings today is the halo design. A halo is a border of very small diamonds around a center diamond. The small diamonds make the center diamond appear much larger. However, the small diamonds are micro pave’ set which means that the beads of metal that hold them in place are very small.

Typically diamonds are set in gold or platinum because of the value of the metal and also because of the malleability of the metal. In other words, the metal can be bent and shaped to hold stones in place. Due to this characteristic and the very small size of the prongs or beads of metal, it also makes it possible and much easier to knock one of the diamonds out of the ring.

Donna has a micro pave’ ring and has had three of her diamonds fall out. It is not a defect in the ring, it is just the nature of the design. It is something that is a problem industry wide.

Of course we always replace the diamonds if they fall out at no charge but rings with halos and micro pave’ designs need special care. Don’t wear them to the gym. As long as you take special care, you can enjoy that bigger look of the halo design and enjoy your ring for your lifetime. If your lifestyle is very active there are many other beautiful styles to choose from. We have just added over 75 new bridal styles to our collection. Stop by and take a look.