We are proud to announce that we have added yet another piece of equipment to our Accredited Gem Lab. The essential gold and platinum testing tool that goes to high range. The GT-4000 tests gold alloys from 6 to 24 karats in all four colors. It accurately tests from 6 to 18 and 24 karats values and then the range of 20-22 karats. It uses no dangerous acids or harmful chemicals. It is ecologically safe and provides a numeric reading on the LCD display that corresponds to the karat table for gold and platinum.

With the addition of the G-4000 we can be even more accurate in the valuation of our customer’s gold and platinum jewelry that we are appraising or buying. With the price of gold hovering just over $1700 per ounce we are continuing to buy huge amount of gold from our clients and paying the most in Manatee County. We encourage you to stop by for a demonstration and an estimate of what your old, unused gold might be worth.

Gold testing with the GT 4000 Gold Tester demonstrated as well as karat gold explained by Tom Seguin, Master Gemologist Appraiser from Suncoast Gem Laboratories.