Donna and Marianne Moyer have teamed up and created a new, fun event where you can get some new-to-you, fun bling and help the United Way Climbing 4 Dollars effort too. It’s called The Bling Fling on Tuesday August 17 from 6 to 9 PM… and the event is free!

Here is how it works. Donna and her friends (you too?) are going to go through their fun jewelry and see what they are not wearing anymore. Before August 17th, bring it to one of four donation sites:

Suncoast Gem Laboratories
United Way Main Office
United Way McClure Office
Marianne’s House

On August 17th, there will be a FREE party and silent auction at Marianne’s. Donate your bling and the money goes to the United Way. There will be no gold or diamonds. Only fun stuff that should sell for between $10 and $50.

I will be tending bar along with two other buddies. We will be competing for tips which also go to the United Way. Contact us at the office to get in on the fun and to drop off your costume jewels to help the United Way. We will be sending out more info soon. So mark your calendars for the Bling Fling!