You get a new piece of jewelry.  What is the first thing you want to do?  Show someone!  Today that is so easy with the internet.  We have seen people on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites post pictures to show everyone their new purchase.  But is that safe?

One thing is posting on your Facebook for only your friends to see.  That is potentially safe as long as you:

  1. Trust your friends
  2. Haven’t “friended” strangers
  3. Have the proper privacy settings in place
  4. Don’t share personal information (Name, address, phone number)

What about selling jewelry on Craigslist?  At some point, you are going to have to meet the buyer.  There was a tragic story earlier this year where a potential transaction resulted in robbery and death.

Unfortunately like many things in life, the internet has made it easier for criminals to pick their targets and find out where they live.

Have you “Googled” yourself?  You might be surprised on the amount of information you may find.  Just look at what you can get from just a simple reverse phone number lookup of a listed number.

We don’t want to scare you into not using the internet.  We just want you to be safe.  So think twice about posting that picture of your new diamond or other jewelry.

If you are going to sell, go to a reputable jewelry store instead of selling it on the internet.  Most will either buy it or sell it for you on consignment.

Crooks already now we have expensive jewelry.  They don’t need to know that you do!


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