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I am hearing a lot about buying silver instead of gold. If I’m looking at buying a piece of jewelry should it be gold or silver?

The considerations are price, wearability and durability.

With silver costing about $40 per ounce and gold costing about $1800 per ounce obviously the gold piece would cost much more than the silver.  If we are talking about a relatively light ring for example the gold would still be much more than the silver but since the weight is minimal the cost involved would not be that significant.

As far as the wearability;  both gold and silver will wear in a similar manner but silver will tarnish much faster than gold.  It requires frequent polishing to remove the oxidation or discoloration that occurs simply by being in the air.  This polishing is not that difficult but if you want it to be shiny and bright you will have to do it.

Some designers use this characteristic as a part of the design.  David Yurman uses a rope like embellishment in his silver designs and the deep grooves in the rope cannot be polished so they have a dark appearance thereby giving contrast to the bright and shiny areas vs. the dark areas.

As far as durability, gold and silver are very similar.

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