We get great questions from customers and thought that it would be helpful to share the answers with everyone. So we decided to create the Ask the Jewelry Expert series. Here is a recent question.

What is the best way to clean a silver necklace? I tried jewelry cleaning rags but they don’t do a very good job. I also heard that some of the solutions will remove layers of silver. Is that true? What do I use?

There is a product called Tarnex that you can usually buy at a Walmart.  You will have to immerse the jewelry in the Tarnex and it may be too large to do that.

You can use a buffing machine like a jeweler uses but if you do you must be very careful because if the necklace catches in the buffing wheel it can be seriously damaged.

Another option is a rouge cloth which you can buy at a jewelry supply store or probably on line.

As far as removing silver with a solution; that is unlikely.  I say unlikely because to actually dissolve the silver it would have to be very strong and you probably couldn’t buy it.  One of the main components of gold and rhodium plating solution used to be cyanide and we used to use a cyanide solution to clean off stubborn or difficult dirt or discoloration from jewelry but it is no longer available on the marked since it is very poisonous.

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